In Response to the Christendom Board of Directors

We are happy to see that the President of the Board of Directors¬†Mrs. Donna Bethell¬†of the Christendom Board of Directors recognizes that the Title IX guidelines are really the “regulatory minimum requirements” when it comes to supporting sexual assault victims and keeping students safe. We hope that this is a sign that the college will ensure full compliance with Title IX requirements going forward.

However, we are disappointed that the Board does not seem to see a need for Dr. Timothy O’Donnell to step down from his position of leadership, despite the large number of victims–18 women that we know of, so far–who were failed over the last 25 years.

We would ask Mrs. Bethell: “How many women have to be failed by the O’Donnell administration before the Board acknowledges that he is not the person to lead a reform of his own system?” We believe the answer should be that even one is one too many.