Novena to St. Mary MacKillop

Today starts our novena to St. Mary MacKillop. For those of you who (like me) have never heard of her, here’s a brief introduction through 7 facts:

  1. She’s Australia’s first saint.
  2. She founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart who opened schools for the poorest children in Australia.
  3. When she found out a priest at one of their schools was sexually abusing children she reported him and got him removed.
  4. His friends got way pissed and tried to smear her name by spreading rumors she was a drunk.
  5. When that didn’t work they managed to get her excommunicated.
  6. She was taken in by a kind Jewish family until the excommunication was finally lifted.
  7. She went on to get her order official canonical status and became a saint. 

Remember, truth will prevail, even if there’s dark times for awhile.

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Novena to St. Mary MacKillop

Ever generous God,
you inspired Saint Mary MacKillop
to live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
and constant in bringing hope and encouragement
to those who were disheartened, lonely or needy.
With confidence in your generous providence
and through the intercession of Saint Mary MacKillop,
we ask that you grant our request [insert prayer intention].
We ask that our faith and hope be fired afresh by the Holy Spirit
so that we too, like Saint Mary MacKillop, may live with courage, trust and openness.
Ever generous God hear our prayer.
We ask this through Jesus Christ.